This is a message given to me through Pastor Emile Samuel in August, 2014:

the Lord says unto you:

I know quite well what you have gone through in the past years. the enemy had a wicked plan to cause woundedness in your life. and you were crying out unto Me saying Lord! I’m wounded…and I have been stabbed in my dignity.

and you were really a miserable creature. But the Lord say to you: you are no more a miserable creature. You are the happiest creature. Because you have forgotten what happened in your life. And now, you are hopeful because the wounded is not…the woundedness is no more!

And I wanna assure you! that you will be a forerunner in my kingdom…and I will enlist you among my spiritual warriors!

And your dear ones- you will have input and impact on them. And I will….let you…speak and address many who are still in the darkness…

The Lord says: I will bless a business you will be…you will be Involved in.

Says the Lord: Amen!

What you have just read is the content of a message given to me through Pastor Emile, from the mouth of God. The next set of words are my own, in response to God talking to me through this prophet.

And he gave some, Apostles: and some, Prophets: and some Evangelists’; and some pastors and teachers. For the perfecting of the saints, for the work of the ministry, for the edifying of the Body of Christ. Ephesians 4:11-12

Pastor Emile Samuel is a prophetic minister currently based in Vancouver, Canada, and associated with “Watchmen for the Nations” ministry. He grew up in Egypt, where he pastored 2 different Assemblies of God churches in 2 different cities in Egypt over a 20 years period. During that time the Lord used him powerfully in prophetic ministry and those who have had the opportunity to be around him and be ministered to, began to recognize him as a prophet of God. In the early nineties, the Lord opened the door of International ministry to Pastor Emile, where he ministered extensively in the US, Canada, England, France, Switzerland, Germany, Israel, Singapore, Russia, Kenya, Hong Kong, China, Malaysia, and Australia. Recipients of his ministry recognized him as a prophet of God. The Lord had called pastor Emile to leave the pastorate, be based in Canada, and minister where the Lord would lead him. Pastor Emile’s heart is to exhort and prepare the body of Christ for such a time like this, as the Spirit of the Lord is moving on the hearts of His people worldwide, calling His bride to wholeheartedness, holiness, and a return to their first love. A time when Christ is preparing a spotless and blameless bride for Himself.

I share this message with everyone because I believe that when God speaks to one of us, He is speaking to all of us. If you are reading this then this message is for you. I believe God speaks to everyone. I don’t think He has stopped speaking to us as many people seem to believe. He had an awful lot to say to us in the bible, which is His word to each of us. You and I can read the same phrase in the bible and it has a different meaning to me than it does to you. Actually, I can read something one day and find it pertains to one thing, then read the same passage another day and it holds a whole new meaning. The bible is the main form of communication that He uses but He uses other methods as well. He comes to some in dreams or visions. He is that voice in your head or in your gut that you always wondered, who is that? is it me? Nope it’s not you! It’s Him! and He is leading you and guiding you and standing beside you. He is telling you what is the best thing to do. It’s completely up to us to acknowledge and accept it for what it is. And then to act upon the advice you are being given. That free will thing. It’s a blessing or a curse. He leaves it to us to make the final decision. I will now deconstruct this prophetic message as I believe it pertains to me.

I know QUITE WELL what you have gone through in the past years.

What a feeling came over me when I heard that! He knows! With everything that goes on in the world from minute to minute, He knows what I went through. The one thing I was sure of in the past was that God did not know what was happening to me. I was convinced He didn’t even exist because of my circumstances. If he did exist, then He didn’t care about me. If He didn’t exist, I could somehow accept the fact that I was all alone and there would be no help. From my very early years I would say out loud, God you have made a mistake by putting me here with these people, they hate me, please help me. All I heard was silence. I remember crying hot, slow tears of anguish and feeling abandoned by the whole world.

The enemy had a wicked plan to cause WOUNDEDNESS in your life.

My parents divorced when my sister and I were 3 and 2 years old, respectively. My mom remarried a predatory pedophile and had my brother with him. The enemy used all 3 of these people to torture me. He utilized their weaknesses in his daily attacks on me. He had a wicked plan that was going quite well in his estimation. I was raised in an atmosphere of pain, degradation and humiliation.

And you were crying out to me saying Lord! I’m wounded…and I have been stabbed in my dignity.

The sexual abuse I endured at the hand of the enemy through my stepfather started at 3 years old and continued to 16 years old. The emotional and physical abuse I endured at the hand of the enemy through my mother started at birth and continued until I left home at 16. The abandonment and disregard I endured at the hand of the enemy through my biological father, who I didn’t even know existed until I was 9 or 10 years old, still remains even until this day. Stabbed in my dignity indeed! The abuse I endured all those years set me up to seek dangerous and destructive relationships until the age of 28. I felt useless, unloved and unloveable, an unwanted stain on the face of humanity.

And you were Really a miserable creature!

Oh Father, only you really know the extent of miserableness I felt and displayed. I denounced You, I blasphemed You, I cursed You. Whenever I was asked about my opinion of You, I took every opportunity to say that if You really existed, You must really hate me for everything that You allowed me to suffer. I said, through my pain, there is no God! But, through Your graciousness You only referred to all that hatred by saying I was really a miserable creature.

But the Lord say to you: you are no more a miserable creature. You are the happiest creature.

My miserable existence started to abate 3 1/2 years ago, when I divorced my husband. He was the last person in a long line of people that had the close access to my feelings the enemy needed to continue his persecution of me. Suddenly, I was truly alone with myself. I unwittingly started a course of self examination like never before. I was the only one left in my life. Family and friends worried over my extreme isolationist behavior. I can’t say that instantly I was the happiest creature, I had a full set of baggage to drag along with me, weighing me down, tripping me up.

Because you have forgotten what happened in your life.

Today I have forgotten how to let what happened in my life affect my daily existence. The only time that remembering happens to me now is when I am in front of another wounded person and I can allow my former mess to become a message. A message of empathy, a word of simple kindness to say to another human, I see you, I hear you, you matter. Words we all long to hear. I sure did.

And now, you are hopeful because the wounded is not..the woundedness is no more!

I laughed out loud when Pastor Emile said this because I am hopeful! and I now know that the devil cannot control a peaceful, steady fearless believer whose confidence is in the Lord! Additionally, I know beyond a shadow of a doubt, that in whatever way the opportunity presents itself to me, I am here to give away the love that I never got. Hopeful? Oh yes.

And I wanna assure you! that you will be a forerunner in my kingdom and I will enlist you among my spiritual warriors!

I’m not exactly sure how this will come to pass. I do know that my Father has an excellent plan for my life and His timing is perfect. I now realize that God is not usually early but He is never, ever late. Pastor Emile told me: Be Prepared! I didn’t ask him how to do that but I have confidence that if I stop trying and start trusting, the way will become clear as I approach it. Joseph Campbell said this: 1.) Listen. 2.) Pay attention to the assignments. 3.) Show up for the assignments. Good advice.

And your dear ones- you will have input and impact on them.

There are two dear ones that came to mind upon hearing this. My precious daughter and my equally precious future son in law. My daughter was raised with an atheistic mother. I gave her my impressions of God as she grew up and I led her to believe that the bible was a story told by people long dead. The story could not be verified so probably wasn’t true. She wanted to understand God, but since I didn’t, she went with that. This created a void in her soul and she has been left to her own devices regarding God. She is an adult now and though she acts like it’s not so, she still listens to what I have to say. I know that God has a beautiful plan for them and that He is just waiting for them to knock on the door.

And I will…let you…speak and address many who are still in the darkness.

This is a specific answer to a prayer I have been uttering. Last year, I was told that I have cancer. This information was given to me over the phone as I sat at my desk at my job. I was alone in the building, the phone held to my left ear. Upon hearing the words, you have cancer, in one ear, I heard someone say quite loudly in my right ear, I will never leave you or forsake you. I was startled at the voice I heard. I searched the building for whoever might have said it. No one was there. I didn’t tell anyone about the voice. Until recently when I told my doctor about it. Turns out, my doctor is a Christian. I never knew that about him because his bedside manner was not all that friendly through the 3 years I had been seeing him. I don’t know what possessed me to tell him, but I did. He believes this story must be told. I was conflicted about it because as it turns out, not too many people actually hear God speaking to them.

The Lord says: I will bless a business you will be…you will be involved in.

This must truly be a prophetic message because I am not involved in any business right now. I recently lost my job of 14 years and I firmly believe that God removed me from that place for my best interest. I am attending school to obtain my GED, something the enemy attempted to steal from me but now God is making right. I have become a part of a church which is a truly uplifting experience and another aspect of my life which the devil intended for my harm. I was recently baptized and have become filled with the Holy Spirit. I have stated that I feel it’s time to get on with Gods business, which involves the telling of my story. I feel Gods guidance in every area of my life these days and wherever that takes me, I am willing to go. I am busy trusting Him every day. Everything that I am involved in is leading me to something great and I can hardly wait to see what happens.

Says the Lord-AMEN!

So again I say this is my interpretation of this message from God to me. It is also a message from God to you through me. What a wonderful gift we are being given, to hear the Lord speak to us. I sincerely believe He speaks to each and every one of us every day. What we must do is find a way to become quiet enough to hear it. Don’t wait until you have some terrible diagnosis or tragedy in your life to hear Him. There are so many voices in our world today telling us do this, buy this, be like her, earn this much and on and on. But there is only one God and He is waiting for you to ask Him to lead you to greatness. And He will not ever leave you or forsake you. The promises of God are for whosoever will. He wants to give you peace of mind. Jesus said: Peace I leave with you; my own peace I now give and bequeath unto you. Do not let your heart be troubled neither let it be afraid. Not as the world gives, do I give unto you. But MY peace is what I leave you. He also said: Cheer up! for I have overcome this world. There are so many promises in Gods word for each of us. Cast your cares upon Him, because He cares for you. And all He wants is for us to love Him with all your heart, strength, soul and mind and love your neighbor as you love yourself. He already knows everything you have ever done and will ever do. He knows what you need long before you do. Your name is tattooed on His palm. He leaves that final decision up to us. He will not force Himself into your life. He must be asked in. And in the meantime He is quietly looking out for your best interests.


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