she said she did not see them until she touched them.

As I sat up I felt as though I had just awakened from a nap. I knew that I had been totally awake for the entire hour that the Reiki session took. I had been concentrating on my intention for the healing, which was to excavate my stony heart. I knew my heart was close to dead and I needed to find a way to reawaken it. I lay in the darkened room underneath the thick layer of blankets listening to the enchanting music she played on her little boombox. I felt unable to move but it was ok. I was aware of her movements as she floated her hands over me. I was unable to open my eyes but I felt like I could see her anyway. To begin she had me laying on my back, and as I repeated over and over in my head, please help me revive my dead heart, it’s been broken too many times and I can’t feel it anymore, I knew when she came to my heart area and she did spend what seemed like a long time there. The only words she spoke during the session were to tell me to flip over to lay on my front.

I continued to pray for my broken heart as I lay there. Time seemed to stand still and all I could hear was the tinkling sounds of her music. After what seemed like a very pleasant forever, she said it’s finished, when you feel ready, please sit up but do it slowly, take your time.

I felt groggy and exhausted as though I had been through something significant. I managed to sit up and she was right there next to me saying, are you all right? I said, I’m alright, at least I think I am. I paused and tried to orient myself back to life. I looked at her and she seemed to be intently staring at me so I said to her, Are you all right? She said, oh yes, I’m fine. She is still staring at me in kind of an odd way so I say, is there anything I need to know? After a long pause, she said this:

I was drawn to your heart and your wings. There was much pain in your heart, something dark you could not get past. A great deal of healing and restoration has occurred in your heart and it has been reawakened.

As I listened to her I thought, great! my heart isn’t dead, there is still hope for me! I was happy and I felt like I could actually feel my heart moving around inside my chest. Then I thought, wait, what was that about wings…I struggled to wrap my mind around it, I’m still groggy, maybe I misheard her. so I said, did you say something about wings? My wings? What does that mean? That I have wings? She said, Oh yes. I said, what? I knew about the heart problem, I came in here with the intention of healing it because I knew it was broken and wounded, But, wings?? I asked her to explain.

She said this: your wings also needed healing. She then took her hand and outlined them. She said they are very large, the left one is larger than the right. There are long, very long white feathers and the right one is wounded. I said can you still see them? She said, oh yes, I will always see them. I asked, did you see them before when I walked toward you and greeted you? She said, oh no, I didn’t see them until I touched them. Now I will always see them.

Needless to say, my head is spinning a bit at this point. I can’t tell if this is really happening or what. I’m trying to think of my next question so I come up with, does everyone have wings? She says, oh no, in all my years I’ve only ever touched one other pair of wings. I ask her again, do you still see them? She patiently answers, yes I see them. I ask, why can’t I see them? I don’t know, she says. But they are there.

They are very long and they drag on the floor. She said you are a new spirit here on earth. You spend a lot of time not knowing what to do because you are only here accidentally. You fell here because of the wounded wing. You don’t know what you are doing.

That made some sense to me and I said is that why I feel like a five year old most of the time? She answered, oh you gave me a chill when you said that and then said, yes that’s why you feel like that.Then she told an Indian chant to say when I feel five years old and even sang it to me. I really didn’t know what else to ask her, she really didn’t know what more to say to me either. I enquired about the other wings she had touched and she said the other woman with wings had gone to a medium after she learned of her wings. The medium told her there was a war in heaven and she was singing in a choir and when the war shook heaven she toppled down to earth. I asked is that what happened to me? She said she only knew what she told me and if I wanted to learn more I would need some other psychic intervention. But I should only do that if I really felt the need to know more because for whatever reason you are here and here you will stay until it’s time for you to go to the next place.

Walking away from her I immediately forgot the Indian chant she taught me. I reasoned to myself, maybe she sees that I have a desire to help people and metaphorically translated that sense to angel wings. After a couple of months of puzzling over this information, I have decided that if there is more to it, it will come to me in time. I haven’t told too many people about this encounter and most of the reaction I got was hmmmmmm……ohhhhkayyyyyyy………I still look to see if I can see them but so far no. But she can see them and she always will.


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