I’ve been awake now for a couple of hours, having scanned my email then hopping on to g+ for my daily dose of reality. I’ve shut down g+ this morning because I have a hard time watching history repeat itself day after day after day…..
Among the cute photos of pets who are obviously treasured by their owners, there is the ongoing uploads of animals being abused, killed, tortured and maimed and left to die hideous deaths, all right there in the first 40 posts of the day.
The bear paw sticking out of its’ jail cell captioned ‘another bear left to die in wherever it is’. The dead dog, still chained and in a fetal position, as dead as dead can be, left to die by the idiots who couldn’t and wouldn’t just let the poor creature go on its’ own way. The terrified fox shown in a 1 minute video, obviously left to endure horrific abuse and god knows what else. This is not even to mention any of the hundreds of images left there on our neat little web page for our daily viewing pleasure…
History repeats itself every minute on the internet and what are we supposed to do with this information overload? I have joined and signed dozens of animal abuse petition sites, probably much to no avail. I don’t have the resources to go and unlock every cell door that imprisons and abuses a precious soul, I have only to scroll through it and sob my guts out. It’s a great way to start the day. A little coffee, a lot of pain. Oh well, at least for every abuse photo there are at least ten pointless memes that tell me what I should be feeling and/ or doing.
I have tried really hard to be a google plusser, but I think I need to hang it up, out of deference to my own personal sanity. Life is already a tightrope act above a grand canyon, and it’s too much to add the sordid, hateful testimonies of stupid cruelty that seem to be in great supply, every morning with my coffee. If anyone has any advice, I’d be glad to hear it. I would be pleasantly surprised to see that g+ really does have a soul, instead of just being a giant bulletin board of hopeless stupidity.


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