Help Wanted

allow your deepest truths to be altered

allow your deepest truths to be altered


We Are All One

does anyone here like to watch movies? have you ever seen Ace Ventura : Pet Detective? or Evan Almighty or Bruce Almighty or Liar Liar…just to name a few?

well, the guy who created those movies, his name is Tom Shadyac. he was a crazy successful movie director until he had a terrible bike accident that left him facing death. and as happens when people are faced with a life changing accident or deadly disease, he started to re-examine his life, his place in the world.

what he came up with is a documentary called–‘I Am’. and I am standing up today because I feel it is incumbent upon me to lovingly request that everyone that is reading or hearing this, find this movie and watch it. currently I can find it on demand(comcast) inside the sports and fitness tab then “Gaiam TV Fit and Yoga” then in the fitness tab under ‘free gaiam tv’, although I’m sure it’s on youtube as well or or even your local library. find it. watch it. please.

last week, my pastor was praying and he brokenheartedly mentioned the christians that were murdered by the terror group. I felt his pain in my soul, and I cried right along with him as you all would have too. his gut wrenching prayer made me want to examine what in the heck is going on in this world today.

here’s what i figured out. there is some kind of underlying emotion that is affecting people today, and it seems to be very dark. there is something pervasive which is fueling these terrorists to believe that what they are doing is right and justified. and it’s not just terrorists but it seems to be affecting everyone. go ahead and ask someone you know their view on what is going on in the world today, and see the fear in their eyes.

I have come to understand that basically god is only love and god lives inside every human being, all 7.2 billion of us. since this is true then something is perverting god, and since we as humans come from one of two places, love or fear, it seems to me that our human collective fear is what is pervading our atmosphere and producing the poison we witness every night on the news. and this fear is called, the fear we don’t have enough of what we need so we have become dog eat dog. so it’s true, there is love in the world but not enough. if you’re going to fear anything, fear that.

these terrorists have souls and hearts with god inside them. they think they are doing the right thing. they think they are helping. they think they are being benevolent when they chop peoples heads off…in order to create the level of hatred at which these people are operating, its crucial we begin to analyze our personal contribution to our world. yes, us. you and I. we must realize we are all ignorantly complicit in the created atmosphere of our world today.

since we created this reality then it stands to reason that we can change it too. the way we think and feel contributes to the overall field of energy in our world. we are all affected by whatever is in that stream. and its so skewed towards fear that violence and brutality are the result. and it’s everywhere. it’s affecting us all right now, as we sit here.

we seem to be whistling past the graveyard at this point. most people feel overwhelmed by the level of terror we live in and feel powerless and that there is nothing that one person can do. this is false. each of us needs to become educated about what life is about for us personally, eliminate our own personal fear and find a way to inject your own personal stratosphere with love. if enough people, the majority of people took this on as a crucial need, we could possibly turn this situation around.

the documentary, ‘I Am’, will give you a ground level platform on which to start to understand our own contribution to our world atmosphere. its crucial, its critical and of the utmost importance that we start to do something, for god’s sake! are you content to just sit and watch our world crumble? this is something you can do! we need to take control over ourselves and recognize that every thought and feeling we manufacture goes into the shared atmosphere of our world. think about this the next time you are cutting someone off on the roadway or reciting your laundry list of criticisms of your spouse, your kids, your boss, your world leaders, yourself. we are our own worst critics and we spill that over to everything we touch.

there is also a book called-‘The Last Hours of Ancient Sunlight’ by Thom Hartmann. this book is a must read for any human being living on this planet today. trust the undeniable fact that this situation will move forward to brutal fruition lest we all start to take up the cause for humanity and our precious earth, of which we are all a part, like it or not, believe it or don’t, it is the only truth that actually matters.

It was easy to love god in all that was beautiful.

The lessons of deeper knowledge, though, instructed me to embrace god in all things.”

St. Francis of Assisi

Hate can’t drive out hate, only love can do that”

Martin Luther King

ask yourself these questions: what’s wrong with our world? and what can we do about it?

we each possess the Power Of One! notice how a tragedy pulls people together and pulls the very best out of them. remember 9-11 or the Boston Marathon bombing. people instantly risked their very own lives to save and assist others. it’s in our DNA to be community oriented. we can’t help but to help when the chips are down. then notice when the tragedy has passed when we go back to me! mine! more! get them before they get me!

Watch the film, ‘I AM’. Read the book, ‘The Last Hours of Ancient Sunlight’. work on your life, fill your precious life with love, let it spill over. forgive yourself. be kind to and silently bless each and every person you see, especially the ones you don’t like. start a meditation practice, which does not have to scare you, all you are doing is listening to love. can’t hear it? if you keep trying, you will. for fifteen minutes a day., be still and know that I AM god. open your heart and keep it open. realize that We Are All One. practice critical thinking and then act on it.

please answer my help wanted notice with concern. contrary to popular belief, life is not about amassing fortune, fame and stuff. you will never see a hearse pulling a u-haul. don’t wait until you get some terrible disease or face your own death to start to be the change you wish to see in the world. it may be too late.

all love to you, my fellow planet walker. all my relations.


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