Hello’s me again. Today I sit here and contemplate the ongoing and senseless suffering that is inflicted upon animals by human beings. There is a neat little web page called google plus and if you have a google email account you can click on the + next to your name and off you go into the world of photos and stories that are posted by regular, everyday people. Each day, there are hundreds of new posts containing photos and stories of anything and everything.

As I scroll down the page, I am greeted by so many adorable posts by loving pet owners all around the world. Until I get to the ones showing violent and horrific treatment, caught by someone’s ever ready camera. Today, I saw a picture of a dog, hanged by it’s neck on the back of a police van traveling down some road somewhere. The ever alert photographer snapped the pic and posted it. The script does not tell me what action the observer took to remedy the situation or even if the poor dog was still alive. It simply shows the fact that someone somehow, did this on purpose or not, simply a commentary on life today and how we treat animals in general.

I love animals. All animals, even spiders and snakes. I take it very personally when I see mistreatment of any creature. I have signed and shared dozens of animal rights petitions, and I seriously wonder if that does any good at all.

I only recently started to understand the violence and horror that all animals go through each and every single day. This is either at the hands of complete strangers in the everyday world, scientists using and abusing animals to test makeup or pesticides or anything that someone can make a buck from. This terrible behavior happens from pet owners too, all the time. Last week I saw video footage of a paid dog walker, kicking the hell out of a dog he was being paid to care for, in an elevator where he thought no-one could see him. Then there is the infamous practice of people in developing countries that round up, torture, skin alive and kill dogs for meat.

There is the pretty young woman who takes vacation days form her corporate office and pays big bucks to go the African countryside to lie in wait, hunt down, track and shoot with a high powered rifle, any animal she feels like killing that day. Giraffes, lions, rhinos, wolves, then she takes a pretty picture and posts it right in the g+ feed, proud as she can be. this daily dose of heartache is probably easily remedied by simply not looking at it, right? I guess that would be a valid approach to all information everywhere, every single day. No news, no facebook, no g+, no conversations with any person ever, just bury my head in the sand and only focus on my tiny little life, my backyard, my thoughts alone with no input ever from anyone or anything. This behavior would end my pain but not the animals. One thing I know for sure is, just because you can, does not mean you should. Where is universal compassion and respect for all life? I can’t even kill an ant inside my house now, I find a piece of paper, coax the ant onto it and release it back into my yard. I might be too sensitive for the world and the killing and the pointless pain released every single minute.

Everyone with a camera should also have a bag of tools with them so they can free or save whatever animal they are photographing. What can a weak hearted human do with the blatant fact of cruelty to animals in the world? I salute and deeply thank all the people in the world who actually do go out and do something about this ongoing and everlasting crisis. This lion photo shows what I am going to do, at least for now.



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