the teardrops run down

and fall off her nose

she cries in dark corners

where nobody goes

you can follow the tracks

from her eyes to her chin

years upon years

of letting them win

and her eyes tell a story

of anger and pain

you think that she’s happy

but just look again

and the scars of her past

hidden under her clothes

are a roadmap to places

that nobody knows

her smile is now painted

she’s a master of disguise

and you can see it all

just look in her eyes


One thought on “poem

  1. That’s the thing, when you really look in someone’s eyes, that is when the real story is told and shared. So much in the eyes. And too often we don’t really look into the eye’s of another during day to day interactions.
    I really like this, though it tells a story of sadness never told.

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