MY thoughts on–Thoughts on Healing

This post was written by a writing acquaintance of mine..He reads my stuff, I read his. When he showed me this I said that’s a load of crap for the most part..he said anyone reading this would agree with him. I said I had some readers on my blog who would dismiss this like yesterday’s garbage..he said prove it. So I did. I know this person never had a major illness or an event that left him damaged and/ or scarred. He is just a stupid penis who thinks anyone who suffers should just get over it and turn the page. I left this post up for more than an hour resulting in a deafening silence that put him in his place. Anyone who reads my posts know I didn’t write this. And now you know, G, that just because you believe your own opinion, no-one else does. I will leave the one piece of this trash that seems to be true to me.


We can make gradual changes in our behavior and our beliefs, and the more gentle we are with ourselves during the process, the more successful it will be.

Healing does not have to be difficult. It’s just that for most of us, as soon as we stop hurting, we lose interest in actually healing.”

Good enough, G? Now get over it..turn the page and write something that’s better!



I Love Lucy


I have a new friend. Her name is Lucy and she is a horse. She is much taller than I and she weighs around thirteen hundred pounds. She is barefoot and munching on something every time I go to spend time with her. Lucy lives about one quarter of a mile from my house and even though she’s been there for about two years, I just never noticed her, until one day when I was sitting with my friend Sue lamenting about a similar relationship that never got off the ground. Then my friend said have you ever seen this particular place over on White’s Path? I drive this street fairly often, usually going way too fast to notice much of anything, so I said No I haven’t seen it and will you take me there. So we jump in my car and lo and behold, there she is. I jump out of the car and as I approach both Lucy and her best friend are watching me. I start to wave my hand wildly at them and they wave back at me like we are long lost friends.

I had been dreaming vividly for the past couple of weeks about a horse. A brown and white horse and in the dreams she is saying to me, here I am, love me, pet me, bring me candy.

So as I approached Lucy I recognize her as the one in my dreams. I am overjoyed and I proceed to make friends with her owner Carrie, all the while I am just staring at Lucy and I can feel her emotions. As I look over her meager accommodations I hear Lucy tell me she likes it here and that it suits her just fine. Lucy tells me she is a loner and I immediately connect with her on this, I too am a lone wolf of sorts. Her paddock is the size of my kitchen and she just about fits in her barn where she can indeed turn around and even lay down in there if she wants to.

Carrie is a devoted horse lady having had horses and chickens and many other types of animals in her life since she was little. Carrie rides her bike every single day to Lucy’s place, rain or shine, snow or sleet, she treks to Lucy where she mucks out the enclosure, spreads out the hay, fills the water bucket, brushes and grooms her and also spends a lot of time and energy raking and clearing the overgrowth and rocks and metal and glass that surround the home made quadrangle Carrie has cobbled together. She has a pad set on some pallets where she can rest in between all the work she performs.

Carrie has a paralyzing condition known as a panic attack disorder. She also has a daughter who is enduring the exact type of cancer that I just recently went through. I have a large, deep scar on my chest where the chemo port used to be and she notices this and asks me about it. As I answer her questions and she tells me what her child is going through, I realize that she is taking comfort in the fact that I am here and cured and healthy. During this initial visit I end up staying there for almost four hours. Carrie shows me how to brush Lucy and how to pick some grass that she likes and how to not get kicked or spook the horse. I am enthralled and right there I pledge within my heart to become a regular part of their lives.

This little story is a beautiful example of how the Universe answers prayers. I prayed for a horse to love and I got a horse and a human who needed to know that her daughter is going to be well someday. In the dozen or so times I have been back to the stall, Lucy and I have shared some beautiful healing moments for both of us. Carrie gets to ask me questions about cancer, treatment and whatever helped me through my own illness. Carrie has taught me so many things, not the least of which was when she showed me how to hold and love a chicken. I am forever grateful for these new friendships and I give thanks to the all knowing Universe for these precious gifts.