MY thoughts on–Thoughts on Healing

This post was written by a writing acquaintance of mine..He reads my stuff, I read his. When he showed me this I said that’s a load of crap for the most part..he said anyone reading this would agree with him. I said I had some readers on my blog who would dismiss this like yesterday’s garbage..he said prove it. So I did. I know this person never had a major illness or an event that left him damaged and/ or scarred. He is just a stupid penis who thinks anyone who suffers should just get over it and turn the page. I left this post up for more than an hour resulting in a deafening silence that put him in his place. Anyone who reads my posts know I didn’t write this. And now you know, G, that just because you believe your own opinion, no-one else does. I will leave the one piece of this trash that seems to be true to me.


We can make gradual changes in our behavior and our beliefs, and the more gentle we are with ourselves during the process, the more successful it will be.

Healing does not have to be difficult. It’s just that for most of us, as soon as we stop hurting, we lose interest in actually healing.”

Good enough, G? Now get over it..turn the page and write something that’s better!



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